Dear Parents/Carers,

Following the feedback from parents, we are continuing with the same format for homework this year.  We expect that every child completes all of the homework set to the best of their ability.  The homework aims to drive children's achievements and to raise pupils interest in learning.

Children are expected to complete weekly homework basics of learning sounds, reading, practising spellings, number facts and times tables (Y2 upwards).  If this is completed it really does make a difference by boosting children’s confidence and embedding essential skills.  It is important that all children read at least three times a week – more is a bonus and your child will benefit from this regular reading.  Please sign in the home-school links book to indicate that the reading homework has been completed.  Encouraging your child with their homework will support their progress at school and develop good routines for learning at home as they grow up.  To get the best outcomes, try and choose a good time to complete the task, a suitable space that is quiet and most of all make it fun and offer plenty of praise for effort as well as the end result.

In addition to these daily homework tasks, children have been given a book to decorate.  This is for the themed homework which will be introduced throughout the year.  Each teacher will lead one of these homework projects which will be linked to a special event and curriculum subject. They will be launched via an assembly to all of the children and the details of the homework project will be provided on a sticker in the homework book.  Further information will be provided on the newsletter and on this school website homework page.

The projects will vary over the year and the aim is to provide a range of additional learning activities to broaden knowledge and interests. All children from Nursery to Year 4 will follow the same homework theme but the tasks will be tailored to suit the age of the children.  We will issue the homework on a Thursday and the date for the return deadline will be made clear on the sticker.  Depending on the nature of the task, you may present work in the homework book but sometimes this may not be possible for instance if you have made a model.  If this is the case, please also return your child's homework book in readiness for the next homework being set.  Should you have any questions or difficulties with the homework tasks, then please contact your child's teacher either in person or via email.

We aim to release these additional homework tasks one by one at evenly spread out intervals over the year, by doing this we hope it has made homework more manageable for parents and children to find time to fit it in. We also hope that for parents with more than one child this has eased some pressure by having the same whole school theme.  The icing on the cake would be to create some household excitement about homework, at school we intend to create a real whole school buzz!  So we will look forward to seeing your child’s efforts as homework is returned to school, good luck and most of all enjoy.

All children who take time and effort to complete these extra tasks will be awarded with a new special homework sticker.

Best wishes, Mrs Butler

P.E. Homework

​Homework for P.E. has been set on Friday 16th June.

Return date is Monday 26th June.

See the link below of a PowerPoint shared with the children during this week's assembly.

Mrs Faulkner



Design and Technology Homework

Our Design and Technology Curriculum | Heckmondwike Primary School


​Homework for Design and Technology has been set on Thursday 18th May.

Return date is Thursday 25th May.

In assembly we have talked about healthy eating and I have set the children a task.

EYFS -Draw a picture of your favourite food.  Talk about why you like it.

Key Stage 1 - Design and label a healthy meal that you would enjoy.  Think about foods you like that are healthy.  If you wish you can make or help to make the meal as well. 

Key Stage 2 - Create or find a recipe for something you enjoy to eat. Write a list of the ingredients and utensils you need. If you can, write the recipe and make it as well.


It would be lovely to see any photos that you take of your children (from any year group)  if they are able to cook any of their ideas!

Have lots of fun with this one!


See the link below of a PowerPoint shared with the children during this week's assembly.

Mrs Gray



RE Homework


​Homework for RE has been set on Thursday 24th April.

Return date is Friday 5th May.

We have talked about being a good neighbour in assembly time this week. Who is our neighbour?

Do they live next door? In the next street? In Biddulph? In England? In the world?

We shared a story about The Good Samaritan and now I would like you to think about how you could be a good neighbour.

Think about how you could help someone. It could be someone you know or even a stranger. (remember to check with a grown up first)​


When you have thought of how you can help someone, draw a picture of you helping, or write about it or even take a photo!​



See the link below of a PowerPoint shared with the children during this week's assembly.

Mrs Tomlinson



Maths Homework


 Maths - Shapes Display Cut Outs (teacher made) - Twinkl

​Homework for maths has been set on Friday 17th March.

Return date is Monday 27th March.

We enjoyed an assembly all about maths and talked about how we use maths daily and is all around us when we look.  During the assmebly we enjoyed a maths game together and all agreed that maths is so much fun.  Enjoy playing the maths monkey game and the challenge that has been set.  Don't forget Years 2, 3 and 4 to play on TTrockstars and I'll be checking to see who is the best maths rock star!


See the link below of a PowerPoint shared with the children during this week's assmbly.

Mrs Butler



Music Homework



Date for returning - Friday 10th March

Mrs Seymour is setting our Music homework this week. We have had an assembly about Fairtrade for Fairtrade Fortnight and we discussed why it is important to be fair and what we can do to help. She has set the challenge for KS1 and KS2 to take a musical spin on what they know about Fairtrade to increase awareness.

Your challenge is to:

EYFS - Can you practice tapping the rhythm to the nursery rhyme ‘Old MacDonald’. Make your own drum from recycled materials to use to practice and perform in your class. 

KS1 - Can you compose your own word pattern chant explaining what you know about Fairtrade. Example you will call and your class will respond;

(you) farmers struggle

(class) farmers struggle

(you) pay a fair price 

(class) pay a fair price


Ks2 - Write your own lyrics about what Fairtrade means to you and how it helps to protect workers and make trading fair. Write your lyrics to the tune of a nursery rhyme such as ‘twinkle twinkle little star’ or ‘Old MacDonald’ or a tune familiar to you.

I can't wait to see and hear what you compose in your homework!


See the link below of a PowerPoint shared with the children which includes Fairtrade information.



Safer Internet Day Homework


Date for returning - Monday 27th February

Mrs McAulay is setting our e-safety homework this week. We have had an assembly about Safer Internet Day 2023 and we shared the theme for this year - Want to talk about it? We recapped our SMART rules and shared ideas who we can talk to about things that happen online.

Your challenge is to:

EYFS - Can you practise using your device safely and then draw a picture of something you like to do it on it.

KS1 - Create a poster showing all the people you can tell if you feel sad or unhappy about something that happens online.

Ks2 - Create a poster about Cyber-bullying and top tips of things you should do.

I can't wait to see your homework!

Kingsfield have become a part of National Online Safety this provides teachers, parents and children with a wealth of information and keeps us up to date with current issues. We encourage you to create an account below where you can access all of the resources for free.


English Homework Poetry



Date for returning - 26/01/23

Mrs Nesbitt is setting our homework challenge this time! This week, we have had an assembly about Poetry. We shared what poetry is and looked at some different types of poems.

Your challenge is to:

EYFS - Say and write some rhyming words e.g. cat/mat

KS1 - Create a shape poem for a snowflake / snowman.

Ks2 - Research some types of poems and write a cinquain, haiku or riddle.

I can't wait to see your homework!

Road Safety Homework

How to Teach Road Safety - Verulam Autos


Date for returning - Monday 5th December

Miss Mohring is setting our fourth homework challenge of the year! This week, we have had an assembly about Road Safety. We shared why it is important to know how to cross a road safety as well as explaining how we cross safely.

Your challenge is to:

EYFS - Make a thank you card to thank our local lollipop lady for keeping us safe.

KS1 - Create a poster explaining how to cross the road safely.

Ks2 - Write a set of instructions on how to cross the road safely.

I can't wait to see your homework!

Remembrance Day Homework

Annual Remembrance Day Breakfast

Date for returning - Monday 21st November

Miss Day is setting our third homework challenge of the year! This week, we have had an assembly about Remembrance Day. We shared why it is important to honour the service men and women who fought for us and those who continue to fight for us today. We also thought about the Emergency Services who often work alongside service men and women.

Your challenge is to:

EYFS - Draw or make a medal for a hero who has shown bravery.

KS1 - Design and make a thank you card to thank service men and women, and the emergency services, for protecting us.

Ks2 - Research why we wear poppies for Remembrance Day. Can you find out what the red, white, black and purple poppies represent? You could present your work as a poster, a fact file or use a computer.

I can't wait to see your homework!

If you would like to complete some additional activities in honour of Remembrance Day, here are some ideas below:

Bonfire Week Homework

Date for returning - 4th November 2022

Mrs Cheetham is setting everybody their second homework challenge of the year!  We have had an assembly in school all about bonfire and what what our challenge is.

Click here to view the homework!

Space Week Homework

World Space Week 2022 - UKspace

Date for returning - 14th October 2022

Mrs Gray is setting everybody their first homework challenge of the year!  We have had an assembly in school all about astronauts and what what our mission is.

EYFS - Draw, colour or paint a picture of an astronaut in space.

Key Stage 1 - Find out what an astronaut needs and then design a space suit.  Label the space suit showing what features you have included.

Key Stage 2 - Research an astronaut. This may be one we have looked at in our assembly or a different one.  Present what you have learnt however you like.  You might write about it, make an information poster, create a book, use the computer - the choice is yours! Just make sure it is full of facts.

If you are enjoying finding out about space and astronauts, you might like to look at some of the videos or try some of the activities below in addition to your homework - enjoy!

How to Draw an Astronaut

If I Were an Astronaut - a story read from space

Newsround - Astronaut Tim Peake answering children's questions

Nasa Kids Club

Space Kids


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