Our School Leadership Teams

Kingsfield First School have many leadership roles within school. Children right from Early Years all the way to year 4 take responsibility to make decisions. The leaders from the different year groups work together as a team to achieve goals that will help our school to grow, change and be the best we can be.

Head Girl

Head Boy

Our Head Boy and Head Girl contribute to the effective running of our school, by ensuring there is good communication between the adults and children of Kingsfield. They are positive role models for our school and represent Kingsfield when required, including by giving speeches and helping to run events. They are good listeners, have good relationships with children of all ages, are able to recognise and praise other children's achievements and take every opportunity to promote our school.

Meet our School Council

The School Council members play an integral part in our school, they discuss important issues and make decisions that are crucial for our school's development. There is a representative from each class and they meet regularly with Mrs Cleaver and Mrs Berrisford to address items on the school council agenda