At Kingsfield, Mathematics is immersed into the curriculum and is taught within guided groups or embedded within the continuous provision at least once a day and links can be made cross the curriculum throughout the day.

Below gives you more information to what Mathematics looks like in each year group.


Children are assessed as a baseline when they enter Nursery/ Reception and periodically assessed against the Early Learning Goals to ensure children continue to make progress.

We ensure that children progress in their Mathematics knowledge through:

- Daily Maths sessions.

-  The use of Ten Town to help with number recognition, counting and matching number to quantity. For more information click here.

- Children are encouraged to use and apply their Mathematical knowledge in independent work, guided Maths sessions and through the continuous provision, where children are able to embed their learning of the previous week.

- Number of the week

- A Maths working wall, which promotes Mathematical language and current learning.

- Regular assessments which are then used to inform planning and cover gaps.

- Clear, high expectations and three assessment points throughout the year, which are reviewed and monitored – interventions are put into place for those children who need extra support to meet the expectations set.