At Kingsfield, Maths is assessed regularly and monitored on the school tracking system three times a year. However, children’s progress is continually reviewed, from the moment they begin their lesson, to the implementation through cross curricular links to make a well-rounded judgments and to allow movement between ability groups, to ensure planning and lessons are tailored to each child and their ability.

Assessment provides teachers with up-to-date and accurate information about the specifics of what children do and do not know. This information allows teachers to adapt their teaching so it builds on children’s existing knowledge, addresses their weaknesses and focuses on the next steps that they need in order to make progress.

Interventions are both planned for and ‘live’, meaning that misconceptions are dealt with immediately and high attaining children are challenged appropriately. We pride ourselves in our use of AFL to identify and direct children’s next steps in learning. Our staff are highly skilled to provide a personalised and flexible curriculum for individual children that may need reasonable adjustments for the different units of work. These adaptations increase access to the lesson content enabling children to reach their full potential and to make progress in their learning.

Effective marking and feedback are an important element of teachers’ assessment. This may be given either orally during live marking or in written format during a marking conference, but is always:

  • specific, accurate, and clear
  • celebrates success
  • compares what a pupil is doing right now with what they have needed to improve before
  • provides specific guidance on how to improve as their next step

This enables children to take responsibility and pride in their learning and allows teachers and teaching assistance to have a daily grasp of where each child is within their Mathematical knowledge.

From KS1 on wards, all children complete a Maths assessment each term on the knowledge and skills that have been taught to provide staff with an additional assessment.

Liaison with the school SENCO and external agencies is arranged for children who require additional support and maths intervention strategies.

From 2020, it will be statutory for year 4 pupils to take a short online multiplication check to ensure that students have the expected knowledge and fluency within their times tables up to 12x12. For more information on the multiplication check, please click here.