Teaching of Spelling

We believe that the teaching of spelling is fundamental to our writing progression. At Kingsfield First School spelling is taught in a clear and focussed way within teaching and learning and where necessary as a daily session.  At Kingsfield, we have created a progression of spelling encompassing the statutory required spellings and where possible links to our writing and topic.

Year 2

Spelling is a key focus for Year 2, it is taught through daily sessions and where necessary in small groups, which are differentiated according to the children’s phonic awareness and development. This is supplemented by a wide range of activities such as Letters & Sounds, Espresso and Education City. Each session gives an opportunity for children to revisit on a daily basis Common Exception Words, be taught new words, word families, spelling patterns. They then practise together or independently and then apply what they have learned through for example dictated sentences.

Year 3 and 4

Spelling in Key Stage Two is taught through the daily teaching of English and Topics. Expectations are that the spelling of Key Stage One Common Exception Words is secure, but where not, this will be a focus of intervention. Some children may also require further support with phonics and again this will be taught through intervention. For the majority of children, the spelling progression outlined in our writing documents builds throughout Year 3 and 4 and the children are taught, learn and apply spellings as on-going part of daily learning.