A great way to engage children at home with phonics is to play games. Matching pairs, snap, sorting words or letters can all be ways to help teach your children. Some document links are posted below that you can have a read of to give you some ideas! They are arranged in sets so it would be a good idea to find out from your class teacher what set they are currently working in.

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Document Links

A great pack put together of activity ideas to support your child at home -


Computer games

If you have a computer at home then below is a list of websites that have fun interactive games for children to play.








Alphablocks is on you tube, cbbc website has alphablock games and there is an alphablock app too.

Other Apps:

• Read with Phonics Games – Free
• Jolly Phonics Lessons - Free
• Go Explore from CBeebies – Free
• PocketPhonics Stories – Free
• Duolingo ABC – Learn to Read – Free
• Sight Words & Phonics Reading – Free

A good video to explain the link of letters and sounds and the reading of CVC words