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We believe that the teaching of phonics is fundamental to the development of early reading skills. At Kingsfield First school phonics is taught in a systematic way. Our daily phonic sessions are based on the DfE Letters and Sounds Publication (2007) and the 2014 English National Curriculum requirements. We use a range of resources and multi sensory activities to promote speaking and listening skills, phonological awareness and oral blending.

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Reading Schemes

We ensure that our reading schemes encourage children to apply the new phonological knowledge they have gained by providing them with decodable home reader reading books from schemes such as Big Cat Collins Phonics, Oxford University Press and  Project X . Alongside these schemes we use Rigby Star and Oxford Reading Tree and a wide range of appropriately levelled real books to ensure children develop a great love of reading and have an opportunity to  embed the application of key reading skills.

Useful Phonics Websites

Fantastic website to answer pretty much any question you may have to do with English! Very user friendly!
This video from Ruth Miskin shows you how to pronounce sounds in a pure way and explains the importance of this!
To listen to the pronunciation of set 1 sounds
To listen to the pronunciation of set 2 sounds
To listen to the pronunciation of set 3 sounds
This is how we form our letters! We learn these rhymes to help us remember! Take a look!
Ruth explains how to teach blending and a teacher demonstrates.
Ruth Miskin demonstrates how we teach complex sounds.
Is your child in year 1? Then they will be taking a national phonic screen check in the summer…to find out more click on the link below! All your questions should be answered here!