30 hours Nursery Free Entitlement

Currently all children are entitled to access the universal 15 hours each week which commences the term after their third birthday and continues until they start Reception. However some children will be entitled to the ‘new extended 30 hours provision’, (which is the universal 15 hours plus an additional 15 hours). This will be offered from September 2017. The application process for receiving the extended entitlement is through something called ‘The Digital Childcare Service’. Therefore Parents/Carers wishing to access the additional 15 hours free childcare entitlement from September 2017 will be able to apply using the following link:


If you wish to check the eligibility criteria for the additional 15 hours free child care you can check on-line via Childcare Choices at http://www.childcarechoices.gov.uk or the Childcare Calculator at http://www.gov.uk/childcare-calculator.

There are options for parents/carers who would like to split their hours between different providers. Please note places at Kingsfield First School are limited and can only be used for morning or afternoon sessions in our Nursery to coincide with the universal 15 hours already being provided.  e.g.  if your child is given a morning place in our nursery group they can attend the afternoon session using the 30 hours entitlement if eligible.

Parents/Carers do not need to do anything further if they just want to access the universal 15 hour entitlement for three and four year old (every morning or every afternoon).

However, as part of the application process for 30 hour entitlement you will be asked to enter personal details including name, address and NI number and the same details for your partner, if you have one. You will also be asked about income over the coming 3 months and information about any benefits that you may receive.

If you are eligible for 30 hours you will be given an 11 digit ‘eligibility code’. You need to bring this code to us along with your child’s date of birth and your National Insurance number in order to claim the 30 hours.


As we have to validate your entitlement with the Government using your personal details we must receive a signed Parental Declaration form allowing us to do this. Without the declaration form you will not be able to access the additional hours. Please be aware that the 30 hours entitlement will not commence until the term after the eligibility code is received so please apply for it as soon as possible. It will also need to be renewed every 3 months, if not the provision will cease.

How it will run here at our school:

Our current sessions are:

AM – 8:45am-11:45am (15 hours)

PM -12.00pm -3:00pm (15 hours)

If you access the 30 hour entitlement here at Kingsfield First School, then you would have 2 options over the lunch time period. They are;

Option 1: You can pay for a school lunch for your child at a cost of £2.40 per day

Option 2: You can send your child in with a packed lunch from home.

There is no charge for this provision at the present time.

If you are not eligible for the 30 hour entitlement but want to access some sessions beyond the universal 15 hrs, please let us know so that we can try and accommodate your needs. Obviously there will be a cost. Our charges are £ 8.20 per session.

If you also require before and after school care the costs are as follows:

7.30 a.m.-9.00 a.m. £4.50

8.00 a.m.-9.00 a.m. £3.00

3.15 p.m. – 4.30 p.m. £3.00

3.15 p.m. -5.15 p.m. £6.00

3.15 p.m. -6 p.m. £8.00

Again to reiterate – Please act promptly and bring us your eligibility information if you want to access the 30 hour entitlement.

Please see the below letter: