At Kingsfield First School we are committed to meeting the needs of all pupils to ensure that they make the best possible progress. As all children progress at different rates, there may be times when a teacher feels a child may benefit from an intervention group which would be in addition to every day class teaching. In some cases, this may be because we feel a child is not completely reaching their potential and may need ‘a little extra push’ or it may be to ‘catch up’ in a particular area.

Small Group Intervention.

It may be appropriate for your child to receive small group support either inside or outside of the classroom setting. Your child will work with their class teacher, TA or occasionally another member of staff, and a programme of work will have been planned for your child that will close any gaps or misunderstandings that have arisen in their learning. Interventions will normally last for 6 weeks; at the start we measure the children’s abilities and again at the end which shows us whether the intervention has had an impact on the child’s learning. From this we can decide what will be our next step.

Supporting at Home

In the next few days your child may come home with an intervention slip, informing you that your child is receiving an intervention and what the focus of that is. Parents who take on a supportive role in their children’s learning make a difference in improving achievement and behaviour. Your child will progress more quickly if you can support us, please ask your child’s teacher in what ways you can help.

Please see below letter: